Online Courses

Power In Your Pocket Ongoing Series

This is a weekly ongoing series that will show you how to use your MOBILE PHONE to create videos that will help you to stand out and attract more business. Empower yourself today. The future of television is online.

How to Get Booked For Speaking Gigs Around The World

Getting booked to speak at events all around the world becomes easy once you apply a few basic strategies and position yourself in the right way. In this course we explain the exact step-by-step that you need to get Event Organisers chasing you to speak at their events.

How To Make Your First £10K Through Public Speaking

Making money from Public Speaking can be tricky, especially if you are an inexperienced speaker. In this course Luke Scott walks you through a strategy on how to make £10k within the first 3 months.

How To Find Your Purpose In 7 Days

What is the course about? Watch Trailer below